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The most authoritative guide of the Italian enology sector
Vini d'Italia is the result of the work of an extraordinary group of tasters, over sixty, who have traveled the country far and wide to select only the best: beyond 25,000 wines reviewed produced by 2634 cellars.
Addresses and contacts, but also company dimensions (hectares of vineyards and bottles produced), type of viticulture (conventional, organic, and biodynamic or natural), information to visit and buy directly on the farm, are just some of the indications that are intertwined with the stories of territories, wines, styles and winemakers.
Each label is accompanied by an indication of the average price in the wine shop, the price ranges, and a qualitative judgment based on the now famous iconographic system of Gambero Rosso: from one to the areas Three glasses, a symbol of excellence in wine production.

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