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Best price guaranteed

Arswine grants Users the contractual guarantee of the best price.
If, after having purchased one of the Products available on this Website, marked "BEST PRICE GUARANTEED" , Users should find the same Product, with the same characteristics and under the same conditions, offered at a lower price by another supplier, the Owner will reimburse the difference subject to the production of adequate proof by issuing a discount voucher for the value of the difference 


  • Price Arswine- € 15,00
  • Price web - € 13,00
    • Arswine issues a discount voucher for the customer of € 2.00  

The Best Price Guarantee applies under the following conditions:

  • the User has purchased a Product from the Owner;
  • on the same day, after purchasing the Product from the Owner, the User finds the same Product for sale at a lower price from another online supplier;
  • the specifications and characteristics of the Product, such as quality, timing, territorial scope, purpose, brand, etc. are identical to those of the Product purchased by the Owner;
  • the purchase price of the aforementioned product is lower than that of the Product purchased by the Owner. To this end, any personal price reductions deriving from a Coupon or discount code available to the User are not taken into consideration, as well as temporary discounts, such as in the case of sales: the purchase price must already be lower before the application of these reductions.

To make use of the guarantee of the best price guaranteed, the User must:

  • keep the screenshots and links of the offer at a lower price, making sure that all the specifications and characteristics relating to the product, as well as the date and time are visible, as well as the relative links. Users are also required to save a screenshot of the last page viewed before confirming the purchase;
  • send, within the same day, the aforementioned information to the Owner together with the complete purchase references relating to the Product purchased by the Owner (such as name, surname, address, e-mail address, reservation or order number, etc.).

The Holder will verify that all the conditions and requirements of applicability of the best price guarantee are met and, in this case, will refund the difference between the price paid to the Holder and the lower price of the other supplier's offer.